A viking sails from his home port and travels east at 15km/hr.after 10 hours, the wind change and he is blown south west at 20km/hr for six his point wind drops, the ship is becalmed and doesnot move for the next ten hours.becoming tired of waiting,the viking order his crew to start rowing west at 10km/hr which they do for five very tiring hours before beaching the ship on a convenient island. calculate the average velocity and average speed of the ship from when its left port to when it was beached.

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  1. 5KM/H

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  2. average speed is 10.3kmh

    15km/h for ten hours is 150km
    20km/h for 6 hours is 120km
    10km/h for 5 hours is 50km
    10hrs at rest
    150+120+50=320km in 31hrs
    Speed average=total distance travelled/time taken
    320/31= Average speed of the ship is 10.3km/h

    currently trying to work out the displacement to work out the average velocity cause v=d/t we already have time

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