Numerical & Proportional Reasoning

the bloodhound has 4.0*10^9 scent receptors in its nose. a typical human has 1.2*10^7 scent receptors.

how many time more scent receptors does a bloodhounds have than a human? round answer to the nearest whole number

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  1. The answer to this problem is 4. I got the answer 4.4444444444444444444 so I rounded to the nearest whole number so I received 4.

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  2. I think the answer to this problem is 4 because you round down when you get 4.444444444444, but I think is uncorrect ma'm.

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  3. 4*10^9
    1.2 * 10^7

    400 * 10^7
    1.2 * 10^7

    333 times as many

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