Math Algebra 2

Mr. Mullett has designed a playground for his 4 kids. This playground is awesome. The playground
equipment is top of the line, multiple slides, swings, climbing wall and the playground area also includes a trampoline. What he doesn’t have is a sidewalk around the playground area. He wants to know how wide his sidewalk can be if he only wants lay 936 ft squared of concrete. Below is a diagram of the playground

Dimensions: 50' by 15' by 15' by 15' by 15' by 30' by 20' by 20'

3. What was the width of Mr. Mulltet's sidewalk

4. If Mr. Mullett bumped up his amount of concrete to 1200 sq ft, what is his new width?

5. How much concrete would would Mr. Mullett have to by if he wanted a sidewalk with a width of 8 ft.?

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  1. Better describe the shape. The dimensions given make no sense to me.

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  2. its a big horizontal rectangle with a smaller rectangle on the bottom of it

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