numerical & proportional reasoning

each summer, a high school sponsors a picnic for new students, their parents and teachers. last year, 65 pounds of hamburger patties were cooked to serve b/w 250 and 300 people. this year the school expects between 325 & 375 people.

estimate the number of punds of hamburger patties that should be ordered.

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  1. average of 250 and 300 = (250+300)/2 = 275
    so we ordered 65 lbs for 275 people on the average or
    65/275 = .236 lbs/person (less than 1/4 lb ? = wicked cheap)
    his year we expect an average of (325+375)/2 = 350 people
    if we order .236 lbs / person we must order
    .236 * 350 = 82.6 pounds

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