please help me solve my homework with all the work involved. i have trouble paying attention in class so it's hard for me to do my homework. here are a few of the questions. I need to find out what the letters equal.

1.) 10(-4+y)=2y

Thank you a lot.

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  1. I'll do two of them for you. Which two would you like me to do?

  2. The first two please

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  3. 10(-4+y)=2y

    -40 + 10y = 2y

    -40 = 2y - 10y

    -40 = -8y

    -40/-8 = y

    5 = y



    9b - 36 - 7b = 15b - 10

    2b - 15b = 36 - 10

    -13b = 26

    b = -2

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