Health care

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You need to speak to someone about additional coverage to Medicare Parts A and B Blue Cross and Blue Shield would be the best organization to contact.

True or False

I picked True

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  1. There are UMPTEEN of these health carriers. Blue Cross/Blue Shield is only one of them. There's also AARP, Humana, TexasHealthSpring (for people in Texas), and many, many others.

    The best place to find overall information is

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  2. False. BCBS are the last people I'd talk to. Their premiums are among the highest and they do little to control costs. In some cases where a patient wants a particular Doctor or experimental treatment not provided by an HMO, BCBS may be the only option, but that is the exception.

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  3. you need to speak to soeone about additional coverage to Medicare Part A and B. Is it TRICARE, CHAMPVA, or Blue Cross and Blue Shield

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