chem. re+asap!

I got the rest, I just need help on the last one. My first post is down on this page.

6th one:I don't know how to write the equation. It would be acid over base but which is the acid and which is the base?

My answer:
I got the Ka to be 2.7x10^-1.
The equation I got was:
C6 H 5 NH 2(aq) +H2O>>>CH 3 NH 2(aq)
Would this be right?

You appear to be trying to use the Henderson-Hasselbalch equation but that isn't necessary here so we don't need to distinguish between the acid and the base.
I don't get the same answer for Ka.
Kw = KaKb
Kw is 1 x 10^-14
Kb is 4.27 x 10^-4

The equation is C6H5NH2 + HOH ==> C6H5NH3^+ + OH^-

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asked by hey.

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