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A researcher conducts an experiment comparing three treatment conditions with a separate sample n = 8 in each treatment. An analysis of variance is used to evaluate the data, and the results of the ANOVA are presented in the table below. Complete all missing values in the table (Hint: Begin with the df values.)

Source SS df MS F
Between 12 2.00

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  1. Your ANOVA summary table has the following setup:


    Fill in the data with what you know, then find what you don't know.

    Here are a few hints:
    SS total = SS between + SS within

    To calculate df between:
    k - 1
    Note: k = number of levels or groups.

    To calculate df within:
    N - k
    Note: N = total number of values in all levels or groups.

    df total = df between + df within

    To calculate MS between:
    SS between/df between

    To calculate MS within:
    SS within/df within

    To calculate F-ratio:
    MS between/MS within

    I hope this brief summary will get you started.

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  2. kn,bo

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