investing in the stock market

Are there people who invest in the stock market full time for a living? In order words, are there people who make thousands of dollars every month, short term, as a profession? If so, how can I find out more information about persuing such a career?

Thank you so much.

For some (like me), it's not a career, it is called retirement.

There are investment advisors who get paid a fee of 1% to 3% of assets for managing other people's assets. Some of them work for mutual funds. There is another type of investment advisor called a hedge fund manager who gets to keep a large fraction of the money he makes for others (or a fixed fee if he or she loses).

Drwls gave you a good answer -- the only careers in the stock market are stock broker and financial analyst.

You may be thinking of day-trading. These people buy and sell stocks by the hour, hoping to make money. However, despite a few tales of wealth made during the late 90s, most day-traders do not make a living at it. Most lose money. A good example is a stock broker I know who is a brilliant man who constantly studies the stock market and companies. If anyone were able to make a living at buying and selling stocks for himself, he would be able to do it. But he earns his living as a broker for a large brokerage firm.

This website has information about day-trading.

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