An amount of $5000 is put into three investmesnts at rates of 6%, 7%, and 8% per annum, respectively. The total income is $358. The income from the first two investsments is $70 more than the third investment. Find the amount of each investment.

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  1. X at 6%
    Y at 7%
    Z at 8%

    X + Y + Z = 5000
    0.06X + 0.07Y + 0.08Z = 358
    0.06X + 0.07Y - 0.08Z = 70
    Subtracting the last two equations tells you that 0.16Z = 288
    Z = 1800.

    X + Y = 3200
    0.12X + 0.14Y = 428

    Take it from there. Cheack my math

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  2. X=1000. y= 2200 z =1800

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