Grammar Composition

How do you summarize 3 paragraphs of a story?

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  1. Sorry, How do i summarize 3 paragraphs of a story about America's impressive structures? It's not the name of a story, it just talks about how brilliant America's structures and inventions are. There is no title in this story. I just have to summarize it. Do i have to look over the story to find important facts and information to gather and put it in my summary?

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  2. Yes, you've got it. You find the important facts and then summarize them.


  4. Thank you Ms.Sue. So from all 3 paragraphs i should find the most interesting and important ones, gather it, and add it in my summary. And some that helps the readers and teacher know what's going on. Instead of a long summary with all the words in it, it's ok to just make it fewer, and at least it's understood to people !@#$%^&ad it. Thanks Ms.Sue!!

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  5. Yes, you want to write a short summary -- no more than a paragraph long.

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