Concentrated hydrochloric acid has specific gravity of 1.18 and 36% hcl weight. What volume of concentrated hcl must be diluted to give 50 gm of 10 percent.
My calculation
50gm x 0.1 = 5gm
5gm x 36.5 = 182.5
182.5 / 0.36 = 506.9
506.9 / 1.18 = 430 ml This is answer. I am not sure answer. Please help

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  1. I don't think 430 mL is correct.
    There a couple ways of doing this. I prefer the first one.
    g x % = g x %
    50 x 10 = g x 36
    g = 13.9 g.
    Then use density to convert to volume.
    v = m/d = 13l.9/1.18 = ?

    You want to dilute 36% to 10% which is a factor of 36/10 = 3.6 or
    1 part stock + 2.6 parts H2O
    How much is 1 part? That is 50/3.6 = 13.9g and convert that to volume using density.

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