Simplify: (4m/5n^2)-(n/2m)

I chose C

4m/5n^2 - n/2m
4m/5(n)^2 - n/2(m)

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  1. You need to find a common denominator for the two fractions you are trying to subtract. Simplifying the problem:
    A/B - C/D = (A*D-C*B)/(B*D)
    In this case,
    So, A*D=4m*2m=8m^2
    Substituting this into the simplified equation gives:
    (8m^2-5n^3)/(10n^2m) which is answer (A)

    A clue to the correct answer is that (A) and (B) are only a little different, so it's probably one of them!

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