3. (TCO A) The following questions are worth 5 points each. Please show all work.

a. Inflation is expected to average five percent for the long term and Mr. Smith earned $74,000 this year, how much must he earn in 20 years just to keep up with inflation and maintain the balance between his income and his increasing expenditures?


b. Jamie wants to have $2,000,000 for her retirement in 35 years. How much should she save annually if she thinks she can earn eight percent on her investments?


c. The Flemings will need $160,000 annually for 30 years during retirement. How much will they need at retirement if they can earn a four percent rate of return?

d. The Hamptons want to have $2,500,000 for their retirement in 30 years. How much should they save annually if they think they can earn seven percent on their investments?

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