What volume of a concentrated hcl solution which is 36% by mass and has a density of 1.179 g/ml to make 4.85L of an hcl solution with ph of 1.9?

Who helps me to solve it for me.

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  1. pH = 1.9; therefore, (H^+) = 0.0126 M
    M HCl = 1.179 x 1000 x 0.36 x (1/molar mass HCl) = about 11.6M
    Then 11.6M*xmL = 0.0126M*4,850 mL.
    Solve for x mL

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  2. how to calculate PH =1.9 therefore =0.0126M
    I do not understand only this part about PH = 0.0126M Please tells me how to calculate the PH = 1.9 = 0.0126M

    Other way to calculate

    0.0126Moles = PH 1.9

    0.0126M x 4.85L=0.061mole
    0.061mole x 36.46 = 2.22g
    2.22g /0.36 = 6.16
    6.16/1.179 = 5.23ml

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  3. A 0.446g sample of an unknown monoprotic acid was titrated with 0.105M KOH the molar mass is 120g/mol. What is the PKA value

    Who helps me to solve it for me. Please help

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  4. I gave some explanation for pH = 1.9 at the other post. Here is how you do it on your calculator.
    pH = -log(H^+)
    -1.9 = log(H^+).
    Punch in 1.9 on your calculator and change the sign to -. Then hit the 10x button and the calculator will read 0.01259.

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