Look for the compound verbs in the sentence below;

Lacrosse looks like an easy sport to play but it is really quite difficult.

The two compound verbs I found were "looks" and "is".

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  1. This sentence does not have a compound verb. Each of those verbs has a different subject, making this a compound SENTENCE.

    Lacrosse looks

    it is

  2. So what you mean is that there are no compound words in this sentence? And I should choose Lacrosse and looks?

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  3. There are no compound verbs in this sentence. Period!


    "Lacrosse looks" is a subject and verb.

  4. Then if there are no compound verbs in that sentence then which choice do you think it would "make sense" to choose?

    A. lacrosse, looks
    B. look, is
    C. lacrosse, sport
    D. looks difficult

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  5. None of them. This question has a mistake.

    Please ask your teacher about this question. Point out that a compound verb must have only one subject. Yet each verb in this sentence has a different subject.

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