What can spark weight concerns for girls and impact their eating habits in potentially unhealthy ways?

A. Having mothers concerned about their own weight

B. Maintaining a healthy weight

C. Positive reinforcement about how one looks

D. High self-esteem


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  1. help please :(

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  2. Three of the answers are positive and healthy. Which one may not be healthy?

  3. What can spark weight concerns for girls and impact their eating habits in potentially unhealthy ways?

    A. High self-esteem
    B. Maintaining a healthy weight
    C. Peer pressure to look a certain way
    D. Positive reinforcement from parents about how one looks

    I need help pleaseee :(

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  4. D. Positive reinforcement about how one looks

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  5. so then what is the answer im confused here and this is just plain weird


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  6. C Peer pressure to look a certain way

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  7. I cant believe u cant answer alone... the answer is A come on. if ur a girl and ur mother talks to u about ur weight then that girl will feel insecure and/or change how she eats.

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  8. No AYA , it is A

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  9. please help ms.sue i dnt get it.

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