apush leisler rebellion

James II became King of England in 1685 and New York became a royal colony. James II decreed the formation of the Dominion of New England in 1686 and added the colonies of New York and New Jersey in May 1688, designating New York City as the capital.

In late 1688, the Glorious Revolution deposed James II for his Catholicism. This showed that people could replace an unsuitable ruler. There were uprisings against royal governors in the colonies. James' newly appointed governor of New England, Edmund Andros, was unpopular due to strictly enforcing the Navigation Acts and posing other restrictions on colonists. He was sent back to England.

Leisler's Rebellion was an uprising in colonial New York, reflecting colonial resentment against the policies of King James II. An armed mob seized Fort James and intended to hold New York for William III and Mary II. Captain Jacob Leisler became the head of a new government of direct popular representation in lower New York from 1689 to 1691. This government was not dominated by the wealthy merchants and landowners and tried to distribute wealth to the poor. New York's predominantly Anglican merchant and aristocratic classes and the Albany Convention opposed Leisler's rule.
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If James was disposed of during the Glorious Revolution, why did Leisler and his followers resent James II policies?

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