A certain printer can print at the rate of 80 characters per sound, and there is an average of 2,400 characters per page.If the printer continued to print at this rate, how many minutes would it take to print an M-page report?

a) m/30
b) m/60
c) m/2
d) 2/m
e) 60/m

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  1. This must be a problem from an older book. Printers today do not print a line at a time, but let's assume that's the case (for a "matrix" printer).

    80 characters / second
    2400 characters / page
    2400/80=30 seconds / page
    = 30/60= 1/2 minute / page
    If we have to print M pages, time taken is therefore
    M(1/2) = M/2 minutes.

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