medical billing and coding

what are the CPT and ICD-9-CM codes for following question?
"this is a pleasant female who comes in with a soft tissue lesion in the left flank over what appeared to be a spigelian hernia site as well. However, it was not reducible and did not appear to be consistent with a hernia. consequently, the procedure, risks, benefits, and alternatives of excision of this lesion were discussed with the patient, and she understood and wished to proceed with the excision. Operative findings were a Large soft tissue lesion measuring about 6 cm in greatest dimension. Operative Procedure: the patient was brought into the operation room after informed consent was obtained. the patient then underwent sedation with a sterile prep and drape. we then anesthetized with 1% lidocaine with epinephrine and sodium bicarbonate, made a 4-cm incision, and used sharp dissection to dessect circumferentially around this soft tissue lesion, being careful to make sure that we were not entering any kind of hernia sac secondary to spigelian hernia. As we continued to dissect circumferentially around it without sharp dissection, it was noted that it did go down to a muscle, but no evidence of hernia was identified. the lesion was excised in its entirety, and electrocautery was used to control hemostasis. we then irrigated with saline solution an closed the subcutaneous tissue with 3-0 Vicryl interrupted and running sutures. we then used 4-0 vicryl sutures to close the skin a subcuticular fashion. benzoin and steristrips were then applied. blood loss was minimal. the patient tolerated the procedure well and remained in stable condition throughout the prcedure. Provide the CPT Code(s) and ICD-9-CM code(s)."

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asked by andrea
  1. CPT code: 21931-LT Excision, tumor, soft tissue of back or flank, subcutaneous; 3 cm or greater

    ICD-9-CM code: 215.7 Trunk, unspecified; back NOS; flank NOS

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    posted by augie69
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