What should you do to uncover the number of calories you are currently eating?

A. Estimate the number of calories you eat each day by memory

B. Begin writing down the foods you eat and the beverages you drink each day

C. Monitor how much weight you’ve lost or gained in the past week

D. Review the amount of food you’ve consumed over the past month


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  2. B. If you write down what you consume and look at the package (or go online for resteurant food or fruits and vegetables) to see how many calories it has then you can keep a detailed record.
    The reason C doesn't work is that every one's body, metabolism,diet, and activity level is different and these things can affect weight regardless of the number of calories you consume.

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  3. thanks

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  4. It's B

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  5. lol Ms. Sue didn't reply so Aya freaked out

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