1. A person with a square face shape and a rectangle body shape has what bodyline?

A. Straight.(yes)
B. Sharp-straight
C. Soft-straight
D. Soft-straight II

2. A suit with rounded lapels and a shawl collar would work best for a woman with a _______ bodyline.

A. straight
B. soft-straight
C. curved.(yes)
D. sharp straight

3. According to your text Always in Style, what color of blouse should be included in every wardrobe

A. Only a blouse that matches your color type
B. White
C. Red
D. Beige.(yes)

4. Someone with a long neck should wear
A. high collars.(yes)
B. open necklines.
C. scarves tied low.
D. V necks.

5. The type of bodyline that can wear the maximum amount of texture is

A. straight.
B. soft-straight.
C. curved.(yes)
D. sharp-straight.

6. Someone with well-defined, narrow, thin, small lips would be said to have _______ facial features.

A. fine.(yes)
B. average
C. broad
D. medium

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  1. 1. Or is it sharp-straight?

    2. OK

    3. Are you sure it's not white?

    4. How about scarves?

    5. ?

    6. OK

    Since I haven't read your book, check it to be sure you've followed its advice.

  2. Since you haven't read my book.but still got all the answer right. I need to learn more from never make any are more than professional, you can do it with your eyes close. thank you so much. MS.sue

    Most question desn't has in the study book,so I have to do google search.

    Question: 1. google search

    *.Discovering Your Body Line - Safari Books Online

    _straight_line: body type (pg 21).
    _face shapes and body lines.(pg 24).

    Question: 3. not from the book.

    *A jumper is an excellent wardrobe addition because it can be
    teamed up with turtleneck sweaters, and blouses already
    existing in the wardrobe. It should be in a simple style and in
    a dark color. Contrast and pattern can be provided by the
    blouse or sweater at the neck and on the arms.

    Question: 4. google search.

    *Fashion Lesson #9 Long & Short Necks | Fashion Sensei.

    Short Neck: When wearing a scarf, do tie it lower to elongate your neck.

    Long Necks: When wearing a scarf, Do try the neck wrap or ascot styles.

    Question: 5. google search.

    Who uses Curves?

    Curves® are worn by a wide range of women: young, old and women of any age who want "a little more up there," housewives, professionals, actresses (on more than 100 top TV shows and films) and fashion models (including several of the world’s top Supermodels), top Hollywood stylists and costume designers, flight attendants, brides and bridesmaids, secretaries, nurses, smaller-breasted women, mothers whose breast size and/or shape has changed after having children, women who have experienced a decrease in breast size after weight loss or from aging, women who have had their breast implants removed or are considering having breast implant surgery, beauty pageant contestants and many others.

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