Heat Transfer

Fill In the Blanks:
1.The physical significance of ....... is that it tells us how fast heat is propogated or it diffuses through a material during changes of temperature with time.
2. According to Krichoff's law in thermal equilibrium absorptivity is equal to ........
3.In conduction heat transfers from...... temperature to low temperature.
4.In providing critical radius of insulation ....... & ........ are having significant importance.
5.Radiations are ....... waves.

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  1. Dhilsath,

    I have some friendly advice for you.

    The pattern of your posts appears that you are downloading your homework assignments here. We do not see efforts on your part to solve the problems, not even to understand the material given the fact that multiple questions on the same subject have been submitted.

    I have the impression that if you continue to "learn" in this manner, you will not stay in your program for very much longer.

    Please try to purchase or borrow a textbook and start reading. I hope it is not too late to salvage this term.

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  2. 2.Emissivity

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  3. Correct.

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  4. 1.diffusion

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  5. plz answer the above fill in the blanks. quickly

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  6. No answer

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