French translation

Découvir en donnant
Et donner en découvrant
Tu trouveras ta place au coeur des tiens

Discover while giving, give while discovering, you will find you place in your(singular???) hearts.

And another question. How would one say "I like that a lot" or "I remember that". Is is J'aime ca beaucoup and Je me souvien ca?????????

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  1. tu trouveras ta place dans nos coeurs

    j'aime beaucoup ça
    je me souviens de ça

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  2. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. The only question is in your English "in your, singular, hearts." If "your" is singular it would be in your heart (singular) so, as mk-tintin says "nos coeurs" in "our hearts" is so much better.

    I like "that" a lot = J'aime cela (ça) beaucoup.

    If you tell us whether you have a PC or MAC, Windows or not, we can send you the chart on how to make accent marks (découvrir, for example).


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  3. happy birthday!

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  4. bonne fete

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