35 yrs ago babies are born here hospital celebrated the births of the last baby of feb 20th and the 1st baby of feb 21st w/gifts. 5 mothers including mrs keating were in labor as of midnight find the full name of each newborn 1 of the 1st name is crystal can you figure the order the babies were born. 1. the last baby of the 20th was delivered @ 11:54pm and the 1st was born @ 12:04am. 2. David was born 22mins after the walker girl and 3mins before leann. 3. tamara walker was delivered 7mins before pc, who arrived 10mins before the jones's girl. 4. the milano baby was born on the 21st. 5. pc's and leann's fathters shared the birth experience by accompanying their wives to the delivery room; mr knight nervously paced in the waiting room. 11:54pm was the lst baby born on the 20th and the 1st baby was born 12:04am on the 21st.

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asked by latisha

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