1)Our federal bureaucracy takes care of the day-to-day business of our government.
A) True
B) False

2)There are 3 main elements of bureaucracy, which include a hierarchical structure with the president at the top, allowing for most employees to know how to do each other's jobs in case there is a question, and strict formalized rules and procedures.
A) True
B) False

3)Nearly all the federal bureaucracy is located in the executive branch.
A) True
B) False

4)There are 15 cabinet departments within the federal bureaucracy.
A) True
B) False

5) The executive branch employs many more workers compared to the other two branches.
A) True
B) False

6)The bureaucracy includes names such as departments, agencies, administrations, commissions, corporations, and authorities.
A) True
B) False

7) The use of the words administration and agency can be used to describe any government body.
A) True
B) False

Answers I think are right( tell me the correct ones if i am wrong):

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  1. It looks like 3 of your 7 answers are wrong.

  2. 1)B

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  3. so the final correct answers are

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  4. 3.a

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