Principles of Management - Strategic Management

please review my answers!

1. which of the following is an example of an internal stakeholder of an organization?

A) distributors B) suppliers C) Unions D) Individual Workers

It is: D) Individual Workers

2. Two drug companies agree to work together to pool their research and development funds to develop a new drug for arthritis. In doing so, these two organizations have: a. formed a union b. formed a strategic alliance c. analyzed their internal environment d. empowered their employees.

The answer is: b. formed a strategic alliance

3. The environmental protection agency (EPA) administers environmental standards in the U.S. EPA represents the _____ part of the organizations _____.

A. local communities; task environment.

b. financial instituations; internal environment

c. government regulators; task environmnet

d. political-legal forces; general environmnet

answer is c. government regulators; task environmnet

4. Pat, a manager at state university, is deciding how to set up a procedure for registering online that gives students fair access to courses. Pat is engaged in the _____ approach. a. utilitarian b. individual c. moral-rights d. justice

d. justice

5. Thomas, an assembly line worker for softtools company, observes that his graveyard shift (midnight - 8 a.m.) manager removes safety guards from some machines so that the work can be done faster. Thomas sends a letter to top management reporting this. Thomas is a(n): a. whistleblower. b. disloyal employee c. victim d. activist.

A. Whistleblower

6. When nike yielded to pressure from human rights groups and agreed to close its manufacturing plants located in developing nations, they were acting as _______ managers. A. proactive b. accommodative c. defensive d. environmental

The answer is c. defensive

7. When Merck & CO, the pharaceutifcal firm, spent large sums of money to develop a cure for a disease and distributed it free, they were acting as ______ managers. A. proactive b. accommodative c. defensive d. environmental

The answer is C. Defensive

8. Which of the following would NOT be considered a primary dimension of diversity? a. gender b. age c. ethnicity d. educational background.

The answer is D

9. The belief that one's own culture is better than another culture is called: a. stereotyping b. ethnocentrism c. an ethical dilemma d. diversity.

The answer is B. Ethnocentrism

10. The term "global economy" refers to the ______ tendency of the economies of the world to interact with one another is as ______ market(s) instead of _____ national market(s). A. decreasing; one; many B. increasing; one; many C. decreasing; many; one d. increasingl different; similar

Answer D

11. A business firm with operations in serveral countires is called a: a. megamerger b. multinational organization c. multinational corporation d. global corporation.

C. multinational corporation

12. ABC, Inc., an american company, produces paper products. it arranges a trade with a Russian firm for metal fasteners that the russian firm produces. ABC then resells the metal fasteners. ABC is involved in: a. outsourcing b. countertrading. c. importing. d. exporting.

B. Countertrading

13. ABC company operated as an independent business until it was purchased by XYZ Corporation. ABC is now a ______ XYZ Corporation. a. joint-ventured company with b. strategic ally of c. wholly owned subsidiary of d. franchiser of.

Answer is C

14. Nike agress with a Pakistani company that the Pakistani company can manufacture Nike running shoes. These firms have engaged in: a. licensing b. franchising. c. countertrading. d. a strategic alliance.

the answer is A

15. Burger King provides the use of its name plus operating know-how to companies in Canada in return for a fee plus a percentage of profits. Burger King is: a. licensing. b. franchising. c. countertrading. d. involved in a strategic alliance.

answer is B

16. the movement of goods an services among nations without political or economic obstruction is called: a. trade policy b. free trade. c. trade protectionism. d. privatization.

B. Free Trade

17. the use of government regulations to limit the import of goods an services is called: a. ethnocentrism b. exproppriation. c. embargo d. trade protectionism.

C. Embargo

18. The united states implemented a complete ban on the importation of beef raised in great britain. this is an example of a/an: a. embargo b. tariff. c. quota. d. maquiladora.

C. quota

19. About ____ of the people in the world speak english. a. 80% b. 65% c. 40% d. 20%

B. 65%

20. People of different cultures have different ideas of what is an acceptable distance between people when having a business discussion. This nonverbal element is called: a. monochronic time b. interpersonal space. c. type A behavior d. touch.


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asked by Amanda
  1. 4. Maybe right, but I would argue utilitarian.
    19. You are on the wrong end of the scale. The number varies depending on differing language proficiency standards.
    7. I am not certain, I would have used accommodation
    17. Maybe, I would have leaned to trade protection.

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    posted by bobpursley
  2. 1b,2b,3c4d,5a,6b,7a,8d,9b,10b,11c,12b,13c,14a,15b,16b,17d,18a,19d,20b,

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    posted by Carolyn
  3. 1.d,2.b,3.c,4.a,5.a,6.c,7.a,8.d,9.b,10.b,11.c,12.b,13.c,14.a,15.b,16.b,17.d,18.c,19.d,20.b I did miss one but not sure which one it was.

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    posted by Kyle

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