your local rollerblade rink will rent you blades for $14.00 for 3 hours or $29.00 for 8 hours. Asume the price increase is constant depending on the number of hours the blades are rented.

Find the expression

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  1. x = hours
    y = price
    two points (3,14) and (8,29)
    y = m x + b

    m = (29-14)/(8-3) = 15/5 = 5

    y = 5 x + b
    14 = 5(3) + b
    b = -1
    y = 5 x - 1

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  2. hey damon..thank you for your answer but would 15/ where would the 3 go...thank you

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  3. whoops, sorry
    m = (29-14)/(8-3) = 15/5 = 3

    y = 3 x + b
    14 = 3(3) + b
    b = 5
    y = 3 x +5

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