Un jour avec Pierre

Chaque jour, Pierre se levé huit heures. Il a mangé le petit dejeuner et parlait avec sa mama et son papa. Son papa commandait Pierre à l’école. Il a été premier. Ce n’était personne à l’école. Après un moment, Pierre et des éleves entraient á la salle de classe. Il a eu l’histoire. Pierre pensait l’histoire était alésage. Le maître enseignait et demandait des eleves, mais Pierre a été avec son rêves. Il a pensé avec sa chat, Aphrodite. Elle disparaissent hier. Pierre allait à le préau. Il jouait au foot avec ses amis. Dans le dejeuner Pierre a mangé la pain du fromage. Il sentait le bien odeur sur le jus d’orange. Il a goûté comme le ciel. le reste du jour de classe est allé vite. Pierre a fait un cycle à la maison. ”Mon petit chou!”, sa maman l’a appelé. ”Salut! Ca va?”, Pierre réponsait. Sa mama a été bien. Pierre s’est assis près de table. ils ont eu le bifteck pour le dîner. Il est Pierre son nourriture de favori. Il a besoin de dormir. Il s’est couché, et il sommeil rapidement.

I am wondering if this is rigth? I have no idea.. please help me correct the text!

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asked by Iselin
  1. 1)se levait à huit heures
    2)il prenait son petit déjeuner
    3)sa maman
    4)son papa amenait Pierre...
    5)il était le premier

    please can you post the english for the rest of your translation

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  2. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. The first thing to consider is the contrast between l'imparfait and le passé composé. Since you begin with "Chaque jour" and then the Imperfect, you might wish to change "a mangé" if you consider the following English. The Imperfect would translate "he used to or he was + ing" while the passé composé would translate "ate, did eat." the Imperfect stresses what happened over and over again while the passé composé stresses action = over and done with.

    I only mention this difference since mk-tintin suggest "se levait" in the first sentence.

    Again, "Après un moment" did the students enter (action completed) or were they entering (never quite completing that action?) I would have suggested the passé composé = ils sont entrés dans... Pierre a pensé/pensait QUE... (clause relater "que") Unfortunately, the adjective "alésage" is the bore of a cylinder.

    Here is a little lesson in how to use a good dictionary. Take the word "bore" and write down ALL the French possibilities: trou (hole), calibre (of a gun) âme (of a cannon), alésage (of a cylinder), ennui (nuisance), raseur (person. The next step is to look up the primary meaning in English of each French word (in parentheses). Knowing you want an adjective (boring, probably), eliminate all the nouns. Try a synonym: boring, annoying, etc. and settle on "ennuyeux" but use the feminine form since you are modifying a feminine noun!

    "demandait DES élèves" would be asking FOR students, so try "AUX." Always check that each adjective modifies the noun in gender (masculine/feminine) and number (singular/plural) then look at "rêves" which is plural, as the adjective must be. It's either "son chat" or because of the name "sa chatte." Now, WAS she disappearING or DID she disappear? (l'imparfait vs. le passé composé) WAS he goING or DID he go? à + le = au... Perhaps "Pour" le déjeuner... Check the gender of "pain" and was it made of cheese? "sur" le jeu??? Are you sure you want literally "il a goûté comme le ciel?" "le" is capitalized as the first word of a sentence. You might want to change "a fait un cycle" but definitely Ça with cédille. The verb "to answer" is "répondre," selecting l'imparfait or le passé composé (2nd choice is mine!) Mk-tintin already corrected "mama" for you. Do you want "avoir" or "aller" with bien?

    Please look at "it is his favorite food" because food is the subject, not Pierre. Always check gender also, if you aren't sure. "sommeil" is a noun and will not function as a verb. "to fall asleep" is "se dormir" in case you like that.

    Here's a good general rule when you are writing: SIMPLIFY what you are trying to say. Forget thinking it through in English first, because the temptation is to translate that literally and that rarely, if ever, works. Always try to use the structures and vocabulary you have mastered in class.

    Feel free to think this through again and repost with what you believe to be all the corrections. Then, one of us will be only too glad to proofread it again for you.


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