what is moral minima

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  1. It's at wiktionary. Wiktionary is a kind of site. You just type it in on google. On wiktionary, type MORAL MINIMUM in, and then it will come up. Go 2 wiktionary.

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  2. MORAL MINIMA MEANS PRACTICES OF BUDHA. Moral minima is a kind of culture, religion, and spirituality.

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  3. Losa, Nonsense.

    Moral minima is a concept of that which is wrong for all peoples, it is nor relative, nor dependent on culture. Many folks pontificate about what are the specifics of moral minima, such as infanticide, genocide, incest, but when you examine these specifics, there is room for debate.

    See this nicely done essay:

    Personally, I put capital punishment as a moral minima, and genocide as moral minima, however, I know many good people who will not agree on these.

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