Public Speaking

President Obama addressing the recent graduates in a commencement exercise is an example of __________ communication.

A. group

B. mass (NOT B)

C. interpersonal (NOT C)

D. public

I'M going with B because he going for a group of graduates not the public.?

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  1. i mean A sorry

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  2. I agree.

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    Ms. Sue
  3. The question is, who is the president's audience? Since the President's audience is the public (everything he says will become public), therefore this is public speaking.

    Everything the President says in his speech will be reported in the newspapers and his speech will end up on YouTube. If he doesn't assume his speech is "public" speaking and "public communication" then he's a fool.

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  4. I agree with Ms. Sue

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  5. Public speaking has been formally studied since:

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  6. Its D

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