can you please help me unscramble these spanish words? zaironpr, teagmopne, codraram,and finally encoy.thank you.

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asked by unity
  1. Try these:

  2. ¡Hola, Unidad! Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help forum. Often your textbook has a vocabulary list and if this is an activity from a certain chapter, the words will be listed there. Also, what type of vocabulary are you studying at the time - school, vacation, house, etc.

    Here's one way to "attack" this. Make a list of the vowels = a, i, o and then the consonants - n, p, r, r, z. Note the double "rr" which might mean they are together in the word. Not too many words have a z, and often it is at the end of a word.

    1. aionprrz = pizarrón

    2. aeeogmnpt = pegamento

    3. aaocdmrr = manador

    4. eocny = ?


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  3. Please check the spelling of "encoy." Could that be an ñ? Must it be only one word? (I can thing of "once y."


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    This anagram maker/solver might work.

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