Challenge and Change

I'm trying to find an answer to this question.. Search and find three other contributors to the field of Marxist or neo-Marxist (new Marxist) research... I've been searching for hours with no luck!! Someone please help!

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asked by Kyle
  1. Here are some names of prominent Communist politicians and academics:

    Friedrich Engels, Cannon, James Connolly, Eugene Debs, Daniel De Leon, Dimitrov, Che Guevara, Draper, Kollantai, Labriola, Vladimir Lenin, Lunacharsky, Luxemburg, Mao Zedong, Herbert Marcuse, Mariategui, Morris, Pannekoek, David Riazanov, Shachtman, Josef Stalin, and Leon Trotsky. I don't know all the first names but they are easy to find with a search engine, the last name and the word "communist".

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    posted by drwls
  2. I am looking for three contributors to the field of Marxist, Neo Marxist (new marxist) research.

    Theorist Theory summary Critique of theory

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