the monomer of a protein is an amino acid right? Ok, well what is the general formula for an amino acid?

Would it be: H2NCH2COOH (the 2's would be subscripted).

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  1. Actually, I think it should be this: H2NCHRCOOH (the 2's would be subscripted), where R is the R this right?

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  2. Yes, what you have is Glycine.
    It's the simplest of the amino acids with the H as an R group.

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  3. If you want the general formula It would be R replacing the H.

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  4. oh ok, but can I write it this way: H2NCHRCOOH or does the R need to be in brackets.

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  5. I'd write it like this=> RCH(NH2)COOH

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  6. oh ok thanks!!!

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