What exercises could you still do at 50 years old? Are you working out now? What are you able to do? What about at 70 years old? How are you going to handle injuries? What are preventative measures that you could take? Remember: You must post your own ideas AND comment on three (3) of your classmates responses to earn full credit!

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  1. For most of my life, including now that I'm a septuagenarian, I've followed this advice:
    “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.”
    ― Robert Maynard Hutchins

    However, you'll find a lot of more acceptable advice in these sites.


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    Ms. Sue
  2. Why not just do simple exercises every day, because I think that wll help you get muscle and lose weight. I think that should help you out in your particular situation.

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  3. Kaylee -- you don't know my situation. I'm healthy and do not need to lose weight!

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    Ms. Sue

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