As compared to its first year of operation, ABC company grew 8% in the second year and an additional 2% per year for the next two years. If total growth for years 2-4 was $45,000 over the first year’s sales of $150,000, how much did ABC grow in year 2?

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  1. year 2 grew by 8% of 150000 = 12000
    the rest of the years don't matter. Also, I think the $45K growth figure is bogus, at 2%/year

    It would have to grow at over 6%/year over years 2-4 to get from 150K to 195K after 4 years.

    Or is the problem poorly worded?

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  2. at a college book store Carla purchased a math text book and a novel that cost a total of $54, not including tax. If the price of the math math textbook, m is more than 3 times the price of the novel, n what is the price of each book I'm off and coming home?

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