science mom needs help

a person stadning near a railroad track sees a train pass by, then notices an ariplane fly over head in the same diretion as the train, but at a much faster speed

frame of reference:-----------

too many years for mom is it train or plane

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  1. I have no idea what this assignment is looking for or trying to teach. The "frame of reference" for the speed of a moving object can be anything. Usually, speeds of trains and planes are expressed in terms of a frame of reference fixed with the Earth and/or the observer. Sometime in physics this is called the "laboratory frame".

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  2. it just want to know if the frame of reference i am guessing the most stationary to measure by is the plane or train

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  3. Now wait a minute. You are standing stationary by the track. Let us say you are leaning against a sign there. The train and the plane are heading EAST. You do not see the sign on the earth move. Your frame of reference is the earth. If you measured all speeds from there, the ones fixed in your frame of reference, you and the sign you are leaning on, have zero velocity.
    If you were on the train, you would see the earthbound sign moving back, WEST, and the plane still moving forward, EAST. Your reference frame is now on the train. You do not see anything on the train move except the reeling passenger.
    If you were on the plane, you would see both the train and the sign on the earth moving WEST, and things on the plane are not moving except the drink cart. Your reference frame is now the plane.

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