how to solve this question. this is slope: (x,x-2) and (x+2,x)

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  1. What are you "solving" ?

    are you finding the slope?

    if so, then

    slope = (x-2 - x)/(x - (x+2))
    = -2/-2
    = 1

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    posted by Reiny
  2. What is the slope of the line?

    The slope of a line is equal to the following fraction:

    (number of vertical units it takes to travel from one point to another)/(number of horizontal units it takes to travel from one point to another.

    The letter m has been used to represent the slope in math courses.

    If a line has points
    (a, b) and (c, d), then the slope can be found by using this formula:

    m = (d - b)/(c - a)

    In your question:

    Plug into the formula above the value of a, b c and d and then simplify the fraction.

    I'll let you do that part of the question.

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    posted by Guido

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