Chemistry please check

1. A Geiger counter measures radiation indirectly by measuring

flashes of light
electrons released by ionization
speaker static

answer: electrons released by ionization

2. Reactor control rods are made of a substance that

absorbs neutrons
reflect neutrons
emits neutrons
slow down neutrons so they produce more fission.

answer: absorbs neutrons

3. The isotope U-238 is most likely to emit

a gamma ray
a beta particle
an alpha particle
It is not possible to predict

answer: an alpha particle

4. Besides U-235, another isotope that can undergo nuclear fission is


answer: Pu-239

5. This type of radiation can easily pass through a human.


answer: gamma

6. The ejection of a beta particle from a nucleus results in

an increase of the mass number by four
a decrease of the atomic number by one
an increase of the atomic number by one
a decrease of the mass number by four

answer: an increase of the atomic number by one

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asked by Mary
  1. All of these look good to me.

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    posted by Sam
  3. A Geiger counter measures radiation indirectly by measuring

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    posted by karen

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