Foreign languages

I urgently need you to revise these sentences. Thank you very much, Writeacher.

1) We are leaving for Rome tomorrow morning at 7.30 am.
2) We are meeting at the entrance of the bypass (ring road/orbital road) at 7.15
3) The bus journey will last about six hours. Two stops are estimated (?), one in….. for a quick snack and a longer one in …… with visit of the cathedral.
4) The arrival in Rome is scheduled for 15.30. After checking into the hotel, we’ll visit (also are visiting) the Colosseum. After that we are having dinner in a typical Roman restaurant in the
5) On the second day we are visiting the St. Peter’s Church, the Sistin Chapel and the Vatical Museums. In the afternoon we’ll go for a walk in the city centre and we’ll visit Spagna Square.
6) We’ll profit (from being in the city centre) to do some shopping. Finally, we are going for a rickshaw ride in Villa Borghese.
On the last day we’ll visit the zoo.

asked by John
  1. 1. OK

    2. OK

    3. ... Two stops are planned ...

    4. Don't use "are visiting"
    "After that, we'll have dinner ...

    5. ... St. Peter's Cathedral, the Sistine Chapel, and the Vatican Museums ... (in American English, anyway!)

    6. We'll spend some time in the city centre ...

    Everything else is fine.

    posted by Writeacher

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