EXAMINATION 04202500 ALTERATIONS AND FITTING I NEED TO CHECK 5 ANSWER, (1) The shoulder seam of the garment with a set-in sleeve is usually located so that it is (A) easily seen in a straight back view, (b) clearly visible in a straight front view.(C)in line with the underarm seam in a side view (D) not lined up with the center of the body in a side view.my answer is (a) second question ripping the shoulder seams, lifting the front, forming new shoulder seam, and clipping the front neckline describe a procedure recommended for correcting (a) horizontal wrinkles at neck and chest. (b) horizontal wrinkles at back of neck. (c) a loose back neckline. (d) a tight back neckline my answer is (d) next question, deepening the shoulder seams near the neckline describes a procedure recommended to correct the neckine that is, (a) too small (b) too low (c) bulging at the front (d) bulging at the back, my answer is (a) too small, could someone please help check my answers thank you so much!!!

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asked by brenda
  1. can someone help me check my 4 answers to examination 042025000 thank you!!

    posted by brenda

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