2 part question

1) a cone shaped paper cup has a height of 7 inches and a diameter of 5 inches. What is the volume of the cone? Round answer to the nearest hundredth.

2) if we collect rainwater in the cup in question 1 until the waters depth is 6 inches, what percentage of the space inside the cup (volume) is still empty? Round answer to the nearest hundreth

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  1. 1. V = pi*r^2*h/3.
    V = 3.14(2.5)^2*7/3 = 45.81 In^3.

    2. V = 3.14*(2.5)^2*1/3 = 6.54 In^3 empty.

    %Empty = (6.54/45.81) + 100% = 14.28.

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