math help please im stuck!

1)Describe how you translate the graph y = ãx to y = 2 + ã(x +1).

8)Solve ã 3b = -3

10)For the triangle shown: 3 sided Kinda like --> /\ the right long side is 8 the left is 3
a.Find the missing length=
b.Find the area=
c.Find the perimeter=

11)Given the points: (-2,-4) and (-1, 4)
a.Whats the distance between them.
b.Whats the midpoint

asked by Anonymous
  1. 1)Describe how you translate the graph y = sqrt[x] to y = 2 + sqrt(x +1).

    8)Solve sqrt[3b] = -3

    posted by Anonymous

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