a car starts from rest , attains a velocity of 36kmph with an acceleration of 0.2m/s^2 travels 9km with this uniform velocity and then comes to halt with a uniform acceleration of 0.1m/s^2 find the total time of travel of the car.

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  1. v = 36 km/hr =36000/3600 = 10 m/s.
    1. v =a1•t1, t1= v/a = 10/0.2 = 50 s.
    2. t2 = s/v = 9000/10 = 900 s.
    3. 0 = v-a•t3,
    t3 = v/a2 = 10/0.1 = 100 s.
    t(total) = 50+900+100 = 1050 s = 17.5 min.

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  2. What is in the 2 nd not getting it.

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  3. I can understand it . It is very helpful for my studies

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  4. An automobile starts from rest and attains a velocity of 36km/hr in 30 minute .what is the acceleration in m/s2?

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  5. Seience slop

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