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I would like to know how many of the people answering math questions here are current math teachers, were math teachers at one time, are current tutors working for a tutoring company or simply love math.

What's your story?

I would love to hear from all math tutors.

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asked by Guido
  1. Welcome Guido
    Reiny: taught math at high school in Ontario for 35 years, retired now
    Do this for fun

    posted by Reiny
  2. I have taught maths as part of undergraduate chemistry for many years. I currently teach chemistry (I am an organic chemist)which includes maths as part of general study skills for a UK university.

    posted by Dr Russ
  3. I see. WOW! High school teacher for 35 years. That is truly amazing! Believe it or not, I learned high school math through textbooks/video tapes and answering questions online.

    I have two college degrees in areas other than math. However, I was an excellent math student in my pre-college and college years. Reiny, you lived my dream for 35 years. God really blessed your life.

    Boy, I should have majored in math.
    We have to careful with the choices we make in life. Right now, I have two part-time jobs. I am trying to land a job as a GED Instructor but nothing thus far.


    posted by Guido
  4. I was an engineer and physicist in the US aerospace industry. No teaching experience, except for what I have been doing online sine 1994.

    posted by drwls
  5. I have taught basic statistics as part of my intro psychology course at the community college level, where I taught for almost 40 years. I am currently retired. I enjoy helping others understand more about their world, even math.

    posted by PsyDAG
  6. What an interesting reply. I must be the only person here answering questions just for the love of math without having an actual teaching certificate in mathematics.

    You are a professor, right? I really loved my math professors back in college. I was a sociology major/Liberal Arts major back in my CUNY days.

    I should have majored in math. In fact, I am considering going back to college to earn a math B.A. but at age 43 and working two part-time jobs, life has become very complicated for me in this expensive New York City.


    posted by Guido
  7. You may not have actual teaching experience but you are a professional nonetheless. I was an excellent math student back in my pre-college and college years but never taught math in my own classroom except as a substitute teacher.

    Sub teaching is more like baby-sitting than actual teaching, atleast in NYC. I should have majored in math when the chance was given. However, I have icreased my math skills through textbook learning and math video instructions. Also, anwering math questions in many forums has made me a "mathematician," so to speak.


    posted by Guido
  8. Another professional here.
    Honestly, I must be the only unprofessional person answering math questions in this and other forums.
    I am a substitute teacher (baby-sitter) and weekend security guard (both part-time jobs). So far, the replies have been great reading. Thank God for math textbooks and video instructions. Without it, I would not be able to answer any of these questions.

    posted by Guido
  9. One of my three sons was a math/econ undergrad major from U Cal Santa Barbara. He found it difficult to get a job at first, then took additional actuary stat/prob correspondence courses and got certified as an actuary. That landed him a great job at Social Security headquarters predicting the impact of legislative changes etc. While there, he set up a gaming website. It did so well that he quit his job and moved to Las Vegas, where he is a gaming consultant, adjunct college teacher and professional gambler. It's hard work, but he loves it and it pays well. Website advertising still is a good revenue source. I've asked his help on some of the difficult stat/prob questions here, but he is usually too busy.

    posted by drwls
  10. Very interesting reply. I wish your son the best in the world. He is a very smart and will always be successful. Math can either break you and make you. It depends on the person and the choices we make. It's sad to know that colleges don't tell the truth to their students. What truth? The truth that life after college only gets harder not easier.

    posted by Guido
  11. Hii I'm a tutor for Cambell University Students I help out there and was wondering if any students should choose this website for college help? is this a safe & intelligent website for college students please answer ASAP thanks! @:Kedonaldson@wcpss
    Contact me anytime Sorry if I' not able to repond in time but soon as I'm not busy with any students I will take the time to answer or help you with anything!!!!!! thanks!

    posted by Mrs.Katline Donaldson
  12. The length of a garden is 12.75m and it's breadth is 8.25 how much fencing Will be required for the 4 side of rectangular garden

    posted by tinku kumar srivastava
  13. i am just a student and this is my enjoyment for my free time haha.

    posted by huy
  14. Hi, Nice to meet you Guido. I simply just love math like all the other subjects. I am a student and I take my grades very seriously. I have 7 A+ and I like to help others with their grades because I don't think anyone wants to take the same grade twice. I help so students keep there grades up. I am a student council president and I tutor people who need help in a subject because I find it fun and it as a nice thing to do. You should meet Mrs. Sue. She is very nice and wonderful at helping. Keep up the good work!

    posted by Kat

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