Can anyone please teach me how to solve for x in terms of a,b,c in this problem?
Thanks a lot!


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asked by Connie
  1. Well, the general approach to solving equations of this kind is by using something known as a determinant.
    The determinant of this equation is found by the following formula:


    (this formula is found by using Horners theorems on second degree equations, but I won't be going into depth on this subject)

    There are 3 possible scenario's:

    1)The determinant is negative (D<0): in this case there are no solutions for the problem.

    2)The determinant is 0 (D=0): in this case there are two solutions, but both solutions have the same answer, so we only find 1 unique value as a solution

    3)The determinant is positive (D>0): in this case there are two different solutions.

    In cases 2 and 3, the two solutions can be calculated by using the equations:

    x1 = (-b+sqrt(D))/(2a)
    x2 = (-b-sqrt(D))/(2a)

    We have now found the two possible solutions for the equation.

    P.S. This is the most general approach for solving a second degree equation. Depending on the situation, there are possibly easier ways for solving, but you have to find that out for yourself.

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  2. Slove 4a=a+2d and -8=a+8d using substitution method

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    posted by Angie

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