Hi, I'm 8 and I need help I have to draw 3 shapes with the same perimeter and i don't know how.

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  1. What about a square with one side equal to 4 feet?

    All sides of a square are the same length and so, the perimeter = 16 feet.

    What about an scalene triangle? A scalene triangle does not have the same length on all 3 sides.

    You can use a scalene triangle with side 1 = 4 feet, side 2 = 10 feet and side 3 = 2 feet for a total of 16 feet for the perimeter.

    We now have a square and a scalene triangle that = 16 feet.

    We need one more shape.

    How about a rectangle whose length is 7 feet and width is 1 foot.

    A rectangle has two length and two widths.

    So, we have 7 feet + 7 feet + 1 foot + 1 foot for a total of 16 feet.

    There you have 3 shapes that = 16 feet.


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