In the figure the coefficient of static friction between mass (MA) and the table is 0.40, whereas the coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.28 ?

part a) What minimum value of (MA) will keep the system from starting to move?

part b) What value of(MA) will keep the system moving at constant speed?

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  1. Block on the table m(A) = m1,
    block on the cord m2,
    the coefficient of static friction is k1=0.4,
    the coefficient of kinetic friction is k2 =0.28
    Block A:
    T = F(fr) = k1 •N = k(s) • m1 •g,
    Block B: T = m2•g.
    k1 • m1 •g= m2•g,
    m1 = m2/k(s) = m2/0.4.

    Block A:
    T = F(fr) = k2 •N = k2 • m1 •g,
    Block B:
    T = m2•g.
    k2• m1 •g= m2•g,
    m1 = m2/k2 = m2/0.28.

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