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I NEED HELP WITH MY CODE!!! it won't compile right

The formula for finding the force of gravity between two objects is Force = grav * (mass1 * mass2) / (radius * radius), where Force = the force of gravity between the two objects, grav = the universal gravitation constant (6.67e-11), mass1 = the mass of the 1st object, mass2 = the mass of the second object, and radius = the distance between the centers of the two objects. Write a C++ program to allow the user to enter mass1, mass2 and the radius. The program should then calculate and display the force of gravity between the objects.

/* Universal Gravitation Program */
#include <iostream.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
int main ( )
double grav, mass1, mass2, radius, force;
cout << "Universal Gravitation" << endl;
cout << endl;
cout << "Enter mass1 (kg): ";
cin >> mass1;
cout << endl;
cout << "Enter mass2 (kg): ";
cin >> mass2;
cout << endl;
cout << "Enter radius (meters): ";
cin >> radius;
cout << endl;
grav = (6.67e - 11);
force = grav * (mass1 * mass2) / (radius * radius);
cout << "The force of gravity is : " << force << endl;
cout << endl;
cout << endl;
return (0);

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