-There are 7 girls in a room.
-Each girl has 7 backpacks in the room.
-In each backpack there are 7 big dogs.
-For every big dog, there are 7 puppies too!


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  1. girls 7*2 = 14
    big dogs 7 girls * 7 backpacks*7 big dogs* 4 = 7^3*4 =343*4 = 1372
    343 big dogs * 7 * 4 = 9604

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  2. 7 girls x 2 legs per girl = 14 legs.

    7 girls x 7 backpacks = 49 backbacks.

    49 backpacks x 7 big dogs = 343 big dogs

    343 big dogs x 4 legs per dog = 1372 legs

    343 big dogs x 7 puppies = 2401 pupies

    2401 puppies x 4 legs per puppy = 9604 legs

    Total legs = 9604 + 1372 + 14

    Total legs = 10,990 legs


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